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About US


The conception of Gujarat Terce Laboratories Limited (GTLL) took place on 28th March, 1985.

The establishment of an extensive Manufacturing Plant took place in the year 1992.

Our assertive marketing and continual introduction of diverse products have contributed to our perpetual progress.


Gujarat Terce Laboratories Limited is a pharmaceutical company, established with the founding principles of “COMPASSION” and “EXCELLENCE”.

We at Gujarat Terce Laboratories Limited ensure to conserve these principles in all aspects of our profession.

Our constant deliberation given to Quality, Convenience of Customer Access, continues New Product Development, ensuring absolute quality production through maintenance of Manufacturing as per Schedule-M and G.M.P.guidelines has contributed to our persistent growth and success.

We at Gujarat Terce Laboratories Limited have well-designed and immaculately maintained manufacturing plant. The entire facility is environmentally controlled, and equipped with the machines, equipment, and instruments required for manufacturing to international standards as per revised Schedule-M as well as Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs). At the present time tablets & capsules (General and Beta Lactum) are being manufactured. our plants is fully equipped for manufacturing of tablets & capsules

Our market exposure is in more than 10 STATES in INDIA with wide product segments like Tablet, Capsule, Oral Liquid, Ointment and Injectable (Liquid and Dry Powder). We market and manufacture Branded Pharmaceutical Formulations.

Our export comprises of Oral pharmaceutical formulation: Tablets & Capsules.


Our vision is to acquire a valuable share in pharmaceutical market.


Gujarat Terce Laboratories Ltd’s mission is to develop, produce and market ; safe, effective and quality medicines and health care products that will improve the health and quality of life of the society.

Gujarat Terce Laboratories Ltd will also provide the highest quality toll manufacturing services to other ethical marketers of health care products. At Gujarat Terce Laboratories Ltd, our goal is to not just attain but to go beyond the internationally accepted norms of Quality Assurance.


Respect for people: Our employees and stakeholders are the basis of our quality and service. As each shares responsibility for Gujarat Terce Laboratories Ltd’s reputation as a quality manufacturer and marketer, so each deserves to be treated with fairness and dignity.

Respect for our business associates and clients: Because Gujarat Terce Laboratories Ltd seeks a long-term and transparent relationship with its business partners; it will enter into all transactions with integrity and trust.

Focus on safe technology: Gujarat Terce Laboratories Ltd will select technology that adds real value to its products and services and that will not harm the environment.